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Anchors of Truth: Thriving Faith in Difficult Times

When we think about ‘enduring to the end,’ we’re focused on the ‘time of trouble,'” says Jim Gilley. “But our greatest challenge may be the ‘enemy within.’ Fear, worry, stress, anxiety-these are just a few of the ‘times of trouble’ that we face on a daily basis, and these everyday problems may lead us to give up long before the last days!”

Witness Australia Conference 2014

Join us for over thirteen hours of power-packed sermons from Witness Conference 2014, held at Mt Gravatt Seventh-day Adventist Church in Queensland, Australia!

For too long, God’s people have been on the borders of the promised land. It’s time for God’s people to Rise Up and finish the work. This series focuses on the year of evangelism.

Eternity Together – CD

What would eternity be without you there?
What would heaven be like without your loved ones, friends, family and people in your community there? May the songs on this CD help you to understand just how much God loves YOU, and the depths that He went to, and continues to go to, to save you and those you love! God asks us to be His hands and feet in this world; to reach out to those around us, and to let them know that there is a brighter future and a hope that goes beyond our temporary existence. My prayer is that we will spend Eternity Together, forever. Will you meet me there?
– Carly Fletcher

Listen to our radio program Musical Spotlight, which features six songs from this album.

Spring Camp Meeting 2018: The Three Angels Messages

As last day events are rapidly being fulfilled, the proclamation of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 becomes ever more urgent. Listen to these gifted speakers and join us in preaching the undiluted three angels’ messages to the world.

This set of DVDs contains 17 powerful sermons from the 2018 Spring Camp Meeting. There is also a bonus musical DVD. All DVDs are in paper sleeves.

Focus on God’s Word: Healthy and Happy

Discover God’s plan for how you can live the abundant life in the midst of our sin-sick world. God’s plan is for us to live wholistic lives, growing in all the different dimensions that we have been created for—physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Also available in the full set of six programs.