TV Series

3ABN Australia produces a number of television series that air on 3ABN International and on the 3ABN Proclaim! preaching network. Some of our programs have catch-up video and other content. Click on the logos for each program below to find out more.

Other Series

3ABN Australia has produced various other series over the years. These are listed below.


Adventist Youth Conference 2008

AYC’08 was recorded at the event in February 2008. It was a youth-led initiative for soul-winning and evangelism, and featured a number of local and international speakers.


Adventist Youth Conference 2009

AYC’09 was recorded at the 4th annual event in February 2009. Continuing on from the previous series from 2008, AYC’09 trained youth for evangelism and Bible work.


Adventist Youth Conference 2010

AYC’10 was recorded at the 5th annual AYC (Sydney venue), in February 2010.  Continuing on from the previous two series from 2008 and 2009, AYC’10 trained youth for evangelism and Bible work.

3ABN On The Road - Australia

3ABN On The Road – Australia

3ABN Australia has produced a number of series under the 3ABN On The Road title. These have been recorded at churches in Australia. These series, and others from 3ABN On The Road, are available from our online store.

Move By His Power

Move By His Power

Over eleven hours of power-packed sermons from Witness Conference 2015, held at Mt Gravatt Seventh-day Adventist Church in Queensland, Australia! The series is available from our online store.

For information about other programs produced by 3ABN in the USA, please see the program descriptions page on the 3ABN website.