Focus on God’s Word (Season 1)


Focus on God’s Word is a series presented by Australian Union Conference evangelist, Geoff Youlden. Based on his Life After Life series, these programs present topics from the Second Coming to Baptism.

Available as DVD or SD Video Download. Individual episodes available, see links with topics below.

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1. Five Reasons Christ Is Coming Soon (Single Episode)
2. How To Study And Understand The Bible (Single Episode)
3. The Secret Of Happiness (Single Episode)
4. How To Understand The Book Of Revelation (Single Episode)
5. The Forgotten Secret… The Answer To Stress (Single Episode)
6. The Antichrist… Who Is He? (Single Episode)
7. The Fatal Mistake (Single Episode)
8. Can A Man Go So Far That God Cannot Save Him? (Single Episode)
9. The Two Covenants (Single Episode)
10. Why Are There So Many Denominations (Single Episode)
11. How To Add 10 Years To Your Life (Single Episode)
12. Is Baptism Really Necessary? (Single Episode)

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Focus on God’s Word


Geoff Youlden

Running Time

Approx. 12 hours


PAL Widescreen (DVD), SD (Download)

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