Summer Camp Meeting 2022: Focus on God



  1. SCM-220002 The Personality of Our Heavenly Father – David Shin
  2. SCM-220003 The Power of God – Ryan Day
  3. SCM-220005 The Paradise of God – James Rafferty 
  4. SCM-220006 God’s Plan of Salvation – Jay Gallimore
  5. SCM-220008 God, the Promise Maker & Keeper – Mark Finley
  6. SCM-220009 God, Our Provider & Protector – CA Murray
  7. SCM-220011 God, Our Peace – Kenny Shelton 
  8. SCM-220012 The Presence of God – Shelley Quinn
  9. SCM-220014 Just in the Nick of Time – Danny Shelton
  10. SCM-220015 God’s Passion For Righteousness – Jill Morikone
  11. SCM-220016 The Patience of God – Cami Oetman
  12. SCM-220017 God’s Sure Word of Prophecy – Chris Hudson
  13. SCM-220018 God, the Perfecter of Our Faith- John Lomacang


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2022 Summer Camp Meeting: Look At God


CA Murray, Cami Oetman, Chris Hudson, Danny Shelton, David Shin, James Rafferty, Jay Gallimore, Jill Morikone, John Lomacang, Kenny Shelton, Mark Finley, Ryan Day, Shelley Quinn


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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