Summer Camp Meeting 2022: God, Our Peace


Peace is certainly a treasure that seems to be increasingly difficult for us to find or fully experience. Disasters by land, air, sea, and war are so common that our hearts are rarely stirred with deep empathy toward others. Our communities are becoming unrecognisable; with little regard for the laws of the land, or for the greatest law ever given to man (God’s Ten Commandments). In this sermon, Pr Kenny Shelton reminds us to stir our hearts, to point our feet back in the direction toward which we should be striving each and every day. A direction that leads to a calming mental state of peace, faith, and trust no matter what winds of strife are blowing round about us.

SCM220011 was the 7th sermon at 3ABN’s 2022 Summer Camp Meeting.

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2022 Summer Camp Meeting: Look At God


Kenny Shelton


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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1 hour


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