Focus on God’s Word (Season 7)


Noah – Another Storm is Coming

Jesus compared the end of time to the days of Noah—a time of such evil that God had to cleanse the world with a flood. Yet He saved Noah and his family.
In an evil world bent on destroying the very pillars of society, which God had established, another storm is coming. In this series evangelist Danny Milenkov shows how God is working to save His people and bring an end to evil, once and for all.

Available as DVD. Individual episodes available on 3ABN+. See links in the description.

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Season 7

Program Titles:
1. Finding Grace (Single Episode)
2. Will God Remember You? (Single Episode)
3. She’ll Be Right, Mate (Single Episode)
4. Crumbling Foundations (Single Episode)
5. God’s End-time Covenant of Love (Single Episode)
6. Home At Last (Single Episode)

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Focus on God’s Word


Danny Milenkov

Running Time

Approx. 6 hours


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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