Focus on God’s Word (Season 3)


The world is going crazy. Terrorism, natural disasters, death, and destruction are all around us. There is fear and despair, with seemingly no way out. Will all this end? How do we deal with it? Why is it happening?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this compelling series presented by evangelist Danny Milenkov!

Available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download. Individual episodes available, see links with topics below.

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Program Titles:
1. Living on the Edge of Eternity (Single Episode)
2. How to Face Today’s Social and Economic Uncertainty (Single Episode)
3. The Grand Climax of Human History (Single Episode)
4. Rescue from Above (Single Episode)
5. Why Is There So Much Suffering in the World? (Single Episode)

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Focus on God’s Word


Danny Milenkov

Running Time

Approx. 5 hrs


HD 720p/SD (Download), PAL Widescreen (DVD)

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