A Day With the King (Season 4)


Join Aunty Nat and Aunty Cecily as we open the Sabbath and study the Bible together! Enjoy singing with Braedan and stories with Dr John.

This series has a companion website, adaywiththeking.com, where you can download the study guides that go with each episode. You can even keep up with what Teddy, the rabbit, is doing!

The episode topics in this season are: The Ark on the Move; The Reign of King David; The King’s Children; The Wisdom of King Solomon; The House of the Lord; The Folly of Solomon; Elijah; Showdown at Carmel; The Chariot, the Mantle, and the Bears;
Miracles from God; Naaman and the Little Maid; Jonah and the Big Fish; and Josiah the Boy King.

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A Day With the King


Natalee McLean, Cecily Harker, Dr John Hammond, Braedan Entermann

Running Time

Approx. 6.5 hours


PAL Widescreen (DVD)

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