A Day With the King (Season 1)


Join Aunty Nat and Aunty Cecily as we open the Sabbath and study the Bible together! Enjoy singing with Pr Rick and stories about Ellen White with Dr John.

This series has a companion website, adaywiththeking.com, where you can download the study guides that go with each episode. You can even keep up with what Teddy, the rabbit, is doing!

The episode topics in this season are: Creation & the Sabbath, Adam & Eve & the Fall, Satan’s Fall, Cain & Abel, Noah & the Flood – Part 1, Noah & the Flood – Part 2, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Esau, Jacob in Exile, Joseph, Joseph in Egypt, and Joseph & his Brothers

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A Day With the King


Natalee McLean, Cecily Harker, Dr John Hammond, Dr Rick Ferret

Running Time

Approx. 6.5 hours


PAL Widescreen (DVD)

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