Unclean Spirits 2 DVD Set


A 3-part series that will blow you away! You are about to board a train from which there is no exit until the ride is done. You will be surprised as you find out just how much the occult and the entertainment industry have in common.

Please note this was previously titled Unclean Spirits Unplugged and is the same product.

STATION 1 Attack on the Mind of Worship
There are two forces: the forces of light, and the forces of darkness. You will be introduced to the battle between good and evil. The industry that created a prison for your mind will be unmasked.

STATION 2 Attack on the Life of Worship
Everyone worships something. You will witness the battle between desire and the will. What affects your mind affects your life.

STATION 3 Attack on the God of Worship
You are going to discover the entities, the movements, and the players, that have all come together to surmount an attack on the God of worship.

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Unclean Spirits 2


John Lomacang

Running Time

3 hours

Discs in Set



NTSC Widescreen (DVD)


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