Three Cosmic Messages: Earth’s Final Conflict


What messages could be so urgent that God commands three angels to proclaim them by flying through the heavens? Before long, everybody will know what they are! Co-produced by Hart Research and 3ABN, and hosted by international evangelist, Mark Finley, this series will open your eyes!

Set of 13 one hour programs on 7 DVDs in paper sleeves.

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  1. Jesus Wins, Satan Loses
  2. A Moment of Destiny
  3. Hope’s Grace-Filled, End-Time Message
  4. Jesus and the Judgment
  5. God’s Prophetic Timetable
  6. An Urgent Call to Action
  7. Creation Speaks
  8. Refuge in a World of Confusion
  9. A City Called Confusion
  10. Satan’s Final Deceptions
  11. Seal of God & Mark of the Beast Part 1
  12. Seal of God & Mark of the Beast Part 2
  13. Ablaze with God’s Glory

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Earth's Final Conflict


Mark Finley

Running Time

13 hours


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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