The Sanctuary, Salvation & Our Saviour


Pr David Shin shares how the sanctuary is all about Jesus. Every part of the sanctuary reveals the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The first compartment, the courtyard is where we are covered and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. We are justified by faith through the blood of the Lamb in the courtyard. It is where we experience the imputed righteousness of Christ and are born again. Jesus is the Lamb, our Hight Priest, the door, the water of life and the light of the world.

The second compartment of the sanctuary is the Holy Place. It is where we grow in Christ after we have been born in Christ. Christian grown is God’s work of a lifetime; it’s the process where God recreates the image of God in us through His grace.

The third compartment of the sanctuary is the Most Holy Place. This is the final phase in God’s restorative process in bringing us back. In the Most Holy Place experience, the final ravages of the results of sin will be removed and we will see God face to face.


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  1. Back to the Father’s House
  2. It’s All About Jesus
  3. Justified in the Courtyard
  4. Sanctified in the Holy Place
  5. Glorified in the Most Holy Place
  6. The Altar of Burnt Offering
  7. The Laver
  8. The Table of Shewbread
  9. The Altar of Incense
  10. The Candlesticks
  11. The Ark of the Covenant
  12. The Sabbath and Sanctuary
  13. The Day of Atonement

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David Shin

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