Winter Camp Meeting 2020: The Great Controversy – End-Time Deceptions




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  1. SCM200002 The Battle for the Mind – Wintley Phipps
  2. SCM200003 Twisted Destruction – Jill Morikone
  3. SCM200004 Darwin vs The Creator’s Account – Dr Tim Standish
  4. SCM200005 Following Stars & Spirits – John Lomacang
  5. SCM200006 The Rapture Ruse – Kenny Shelton
  6. SCM200008 The Sanctuary and the Image of the Beast – Ivor Myers
  7. SCM200009 From the Lion’s Den to the Angel’s Den – Sabbath School Panel
  8. SCM200010 Divine Service – Dr Ben Carson
  9. SCM200011 Grace Plus – Ryan Day
  10. SCM200013 More Than Conquerors – James Rafferty

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3ABN Camp Meeting


Dr Ben Carson, Dr Tim Standish, Ivor Myers, James Rafferty, Jill Morikone, John Lomacang, Kenny Shelton, Pr Wintley Phipps, Ryan Day


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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Discs are packaged in individual loose sleeves, Programs are also available individually


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