Spring Camp Meeting 2019: Law of Love & Liberty


Set of 16 programs from 3ABN’s 2019 Spring Camp Meeting: The Law of Love & Liberty. This set contains ONLY the sermons.

Not included: Music Hours, Sabbath School Panel and Divine Service.


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  1. With His Own Finger – James Rafferty
  2. God’s Governmental Sovereignty – John Bradshaw
  3. Before Mount Sinai – David Shin
  4. The Commandments and the Everlasting Gospel – Shelley Quinn
  5. First Commandment – Only One True God – James Rafferty
  6. Second Commandment – Make No Idols – Ty Gibson
  7. Third Commandment – Don’t Take God’s Name in Vain – Wintley Phipps
  8. Fourth Commandment – A Temple in Time – Ryan Day
  9. Fourth Commandment – A Day of Celebration – David Shin
  10. Fifth Commandment – Honor Your Parents – John Lomacang
  11. Sixth Commandment – Don’t Commit Murder – Kenny Shelton
  12. Seventh Commandment – Don’t Commit Adultery – CA Murray
  13. Eighth Commandment – Don’t Steal – Kameron DeVasher
  14. Ninth Commandment – Don’t Bear False Witness – Jill Morikone
  15. Tenth Commandment – Don’t Covet – John Lomacang
  16. The Patience of the Saints – Jay Gallimore


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3ABN Camp Meeting


C.A. Murray, Danny Shelton, David Shin, Jay Gallimore, Jill Morikone, Kenny Shelton, Pr John Bradshaw, Pr John Lomacang, Pr Kameron DeVasher, Ryan Day, Shelley Quinn, Ty Gibson, Wintley Phipps


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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Discs are packaged in individual loose sleeves, Programs are also available individually


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