Family Story Time


Family Story Time takes a fresh look at well-known Bible stories from the perspective of an “eyewitness” as each story unfolds. Written and narrated by Karlie Fraser, a secondary school teacher in Bible and History, each dramatised story is followed by a Bible study on the subject presented by Jesse Marks and Christopher Petersen, both studying Theology at Avondale College. The stories are enhanced by background music and sound effects, bringing them to life. Family Story Time is designed for old and young and will be enjoyed by the whole family. Produced by 3ABN Australia Radio.

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  1. Pilate’s Wife
  2. The Lost Coin, The Lost Son
  3. The Paralysed Man
  4. Snakes in the Desert
  5. Eve
  6. Joseph
  7. The Red Sea Crossing
  8. David and Goliath
  9. Mary Magdalene
  10. Highlights of Bible History
  11. Rahab
  12. The Innkeeper’s Daughter
  13. The Lord’s Supper

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Karlie Fraser, Jesse Marks & Christopher Petersen


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6.5 hours


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