3ABN On The Road: Jim Ayer, Waitara 2015


Are you tired of coming home and crying over the same old sins? Does it seem like you can’t even find the opportunity to deal with any new ones? Maybe you don’t even believe there is a God. Hang on, you are about to discover how to experience a powerful friendship and relationship with Jesus that will become liberating and life-changing!

This series, recorded with Jim Ayer at Waitara SDA Church, in Sydney, Australia, will be sure to be a blessing to you.

Program titles:

  1. Second Chance (41:00)
  2. He Shall Lift You Up (58:45)
  3. How Big Is Your God? (41:45)
  4. The Sand Eaters (43:00)

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3ABN On The Road


Jim Ayer

Running Time

Over 3 hours


PAL Widescreen (DVD)

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