3ABN Now: A World on the Brink – Parts 1 to 4


Part 1 – Seconds to Midnight
Is the world on the brink of “the end”? If so, how can we know, and what will the end look like? Can any good come out of it? In four interviews, Pr Danny Milenkov takes us through an overview of the current world situation and the Bible’s end-time scenario. In this first program, we go through 12 points for ‘a world on the brink’. What is the convergence of all these signs leading to? What are people in the world saying about it–and planning? Have your eyes opened as we go through this four part discussion.

Part 2 – When the Pendulum Swings
In part two of Pr Danny Milenkov’s discussion on a world on the brink, we talk about how the pendulum has swung in the past, and what it tells us about the future. The world needs peace, but where is the world looking to find it? How do leaders expect to produce it? Does religion play a part in it? What is the ‘Green Sabbath’? Can that lead to world peace? What does the Bible say? Join us to have these and other questions answered.

Part 3 – End-time Superglue
We all know about superglue, and how well it sticks things together. But, does Satan have an end-time superglue for the whole world? Some way that he can pull together people from opposing sides—the left and right, as well as the centre—and have them all agree on how to fix the world? What would his superglue look like? Is his superglue working in the world today? What does the Bible say about it? Pr Danny Milenkov unpacks questions like these in today’s program. So, stay tuned for the answers and have your eyes opened.

Part 4 – Faithful to the End
In part four of our discussion on a world on the brink, we talk about how can we face the coming crisis with confidence in Christ? Pr Danny Milenkov shares what the Bible says is going to happen in the end, and how we can be positive about the future. You will not want to miss this last program as we look at the last movements, and how God will lead His people in triumphant victory over Satan and his plans.

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