3ABN Now: “I’m Not A Sinner!”


“I’m not a Sinner! How dare Christians say that we are all sinners”. That’s how Hana Nakagawa felt when confronted with this ridiculous idea. She was from a good family and had never done anything really bad. Christians were looked down upon in Japan. So how could they say something like that to her? But God had His eye on Hana. Through a number of people, events, and places, He was able to teach her the truth. Now, she is reaching out to secular young people in Australia with the news that we are sinners and that Jesus is a wonderful Saviour. You will enjoy her story as she shares how God reached her and changed her life.

Available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download.

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3ABN Now


Hana Nakagawa

Running Time

1 hour


HD 720p/SD (Download), NTSC Widescreen (DVD)


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