3ABN Australia Homecoming 2020 DVD set


“Preparing for Eternity” was the theme of the 3ABN Australia Homecoming 2020. It is based on the book Steps to Christ by EG White. There are thirteen one-hour presentations by Australian speakers—each prefaced by a musical item from local talent.

Bonus: Complimentary Steps to Christ (The Peace of Mind You Dream About) and The Great Controversy for the first 100 sets ordered.

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  1. God’s Love For Man – Dr Sven Östring
  2. The Sinner’s Need of Christ – Pr Mike Browning
  3. Repentance – Pr Danny Milenkov
  4. Confession  – Pr David McKibben
  5. Consecration – Pr Abel Iorgulescu
  6. Faith And Acceptance – Pr Justin Torossian
  7. The Test Of Discipleship  – Pr Peter Watts
  8. Growing Up Into Christ – Pr Geoff Youlden
  9. The Work And The Life – Pr Lyle Southwell
  10. A Knowledge of God – Pr Adrian Raethel
  11. The Privilege of Prayer – Charissa Torossian
  12. What To Do With Doubt – Blair Lemke
  13. Rejoicing In The Lord – Pr Marty Thomson

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3ABN Australia Homecoming


Adrian Raethel, Blair Lemke, David McKibben, Justin and Charissa Torossian, Lyle Southwell, Marty Thomson, Mike Browning, Peter Watts, Sven Östring, Abel Iorgulescu, Danny Milenkov, Geoff Youlden

Running Time

13 hours


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

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Programs are also available individually


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