3ABN Australia Homecoming 2022: “Jesus, the Light of the World”


Sunday morning 9 am session with Pr Mike Browning.

Jesus came to earth to reveal what God the Father is like. His ultimate demonstration of the Father’s love, mercy, and even His justice, was His death for the sins of the world. By His resurrection, Jesus has the authority to resurrect all who will call upon Him. When He returned to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to bring Jesus into the hearts and minds of all who sincerely ask for Him. The Holy Spirit has all the attributes of Jesus, who in turn has all the attributes of the Father. The Holy Spirit will bring these same attributes into the lives of all who surrender to Him.

Available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download.

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3ABN Australia Homecoming


Pr Mike Browning

Running Time

55 mins


HD 720p/SD (Download), NTSC Widescreen (DVD)


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