Evolution Impossible


Dr Sven Östring hosts a lively discussion with Dr John Ashton and a panel of young people from various backgrounds on the origins of life. Is the popular theory of Evolution even possible? What does science say? Is there an alternative? The answers might surprise you.


  1. But Isn’t Evolution a Fact? (Single Download)
  2. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Single Download)
  3. The Living Cell (Single Download)
  4. Random Mutation (Single Download)
  5. The Fossil Record (Single Download)
  6. Missing Fossils of Evolutionary Intermediates (Single Download)
  7. Geological Evidence for a Catastrophic Global Flood (Single Download)
  8. Historical Evidence for a Worldwide Flood (Single Download)
  9. Erosion & Sedimentation vs. Radiometric Dating Ages (Single Download)
  10. Major Problems with Radiometric Dating (Single Download)
  11. The Big-Bang Theory (Single Download)
  12. Highly Qualified Scientists Reject Darwin’s Theory (Single Download)
  13. Evidence for the Existence of an Intervening God (Single Download)

Whole season available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download.
Individual episodes from this season available as downloads. See links in list of topics above.

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Evolution Impossible


Dr John Ashton, Dr Sven Östring


Stephen Aveling-Rowe, Blair Lemke, Jeandré Roux, Melvin Sandelin, Harley Southwell, Pr Justin Torossian, Ellie Turner, Tim Turner, Morgan Vincent

Running Time

Approx 6.5 hours


HD 720p/SD (Download), PAL Widescreen (DVD)

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