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Discover God’s miraculous leading in the amazing journey of childbirth!


  1. Miracle Journey and Amazing Placenta
  2. The Developing Embryo
  3. The Developing Baby
  4. Transitions at Birth
  5. The 8 Laws of Prenatal Care
  6. The Importance of Prenatal Care
  7. Common Complaints of Pregnancy
  8. Labor and Delivery
  9. New Age Practices
  10. Complications that Lead to C-Section
  11. Blessings and Benefits of Breastfeeding
  12. Ask the Midwives
  13. The Ministry of Childbirth
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Presenter Patti Barnes, Certified Professional Midwife, is both a midwifery and childbirth educator and has lectured at various Christian colleges and institutions throughout the United States.

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Pattie Barnes

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3 hrs 15 mins


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)


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