Tales of the Dragon


Harvest time is upon us. The wild oats that have been sown through the centuries are now bowed low, heavy with grain. the “grim reaper” has already begun his work. Our societal problems tell the sad story.
In the is book we will look at our society and at the laws that govern it. I will argue that it is not by accident that we are experiencing the trouble we are going through as a world society. I will cite evidence that suggests that out problems stem from the way we live our lives, which in turn is determined by what we believe. Accordingly, we will look as the roots of our beliefs and look for correlations.
Though by all account it appears that we are headed down a path of certain destruction, there is hope. He who created us all made for us a way of rescue and restoration. We will look at the way and search its avenues. It is my desire that many who read this book will discover and decide to follow that “way.” – Dr. Walter Thompson

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