The Truth About The Lord’s Day


  • Does the Lord have a special day?
  • What’s the purpose of the Lord’s Day?
  • Why does it matter to God what day we choose to worship on?
  • Is it really our choice—or God’s?
  • What blessings are attached to the Lord’s Day?

These questions and many more are addressed in The Truth About the Lord’s Day. Using the Bible as the source of truth, the author, Danny Shelton, takes a common sense approach to the topic. He leaves no doubt as to the scriptural basis for his conclusion—that observing the Lord’s Day is more than just picking a day. it is a matter of worship and concerns the object of such worship. Whom will we serve: God or man?

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The Focus on Truth Series explores significant Bible topics that impact both our present wellbeing and our eternal destiny. In a world of disinformation and conflicting opinions, only the Bible stands as a sure beacon of light and hope.


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