Falling In Love With Jesus


Falling in love with someone, then engaging in a relationship with them through the rest of your life is the most life-changing experience a person has.

Likewise, the most important experience in Christianity is to discover what it takes to have that same kind of relationship with Jesus. Without such a relationship, theology and doctrine are useless. So what does it take and how does one go about securing a relationship with a Being that you cannot see or audibly hear?

After 38 years struggling to find relevance in his life, Herb Larsen discovered the answers. You’re invited to take a journey with Herb to that place of discovery through the pages of this book. The steps of the journey have been shared with hundreds of thousands of people around the world in Herb’s seminars and presentations.

Be assured, the path before you is well-worn, littered with the compelling testimonies of those who’ve walked it, and who now live dynamic, relevant and faith-filled lives with Jesus as their Best Friend and Savior. Falling in Love with Jesus will lead you to an incredible relationship with Him.

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