Anchors of Truth: Thriving Faith in Difficult Times


When we think about ‘enduring to the end,’ we’re focused on the ‘time of trouble,'” says Jim Gilley. “But our greatest challenge may be the ‘enemy within.’ Fear, worry, stress, anxiety-these are just a few of the ‘times of trouble’ that we face on a daily basis, and these everyday problems may lead us to give up long before the last days!”

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In his series entitled, Thriving Faith in Difficult Times, you’ll find the only successful way to face your daily “times of trouble”. Remember, we are not fighting the battle alone. In fact, it is not our fight at all. The battle is the Lord’s!

1. Living Without Fear in Fearful Times
2. Putting Your Worry to Rest
3. A Settled Heart in an Unsettled World
4. Courage for the Crisis
5. Applying God’s Antidote for Anxiety

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Anchors of Truth


Pr Jim Gilley

Running Time

5 hours



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