2022 Homecoming Fall Camp Meeting: Overcoming Through Christ



  1. HC-220002 Christ, Our Overcomer – Wintley Phipps
  2. HC-220003 Overcoming Temptation – David Shinn
  3. HC-220004 Overcoming Sin – John Dinzey
  4. HC-220005 Overcoming Relationship Issues – James Rafferty
  5. HC-220006 Overcoming Doubt – Kenny Shelton
  6. HC-220007 Overcoming Apathy – Jill Morikone
  7. HC-220009 Overcoming Obstacles – James Rafferty
  8. HC-220010 Overcoming Cultural Conundrums – John Lomacang
  9. HC-220012 Divine Worship Service – Danny Shelton
  10. HC-220013 Overcoming Legalism – Shelley Quinn
  11. HC-220014 Overcoming Liberalism – Ryan Day
  12. HC-220016 Overcoming by His Spirit – John Lomacang
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2022 Homecoming: Overcoming Through Christ


Danny Shelton, David Shin, James Rafferty, Jill Morikone, John Dinzey, John Lomacang, Kenny Shelton, Pr Wintley Phipps, Ryan Day, Shelley Quinn


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

Running Time

Approx. 12 hours

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Discs are packaged in individual loose sleeves, Programs are also available individually

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