3ABN Homecoming 2020: Turn Up The Light!


3ABN’s 2020 Virtual Fall Camp Meeting. From the three angels’ messages, Pastor Lomacang explores the showdown between Christ and Satan, and invites God’s people to Turn Up the Light! This series includes messages from 3ABN Founder Danny Shelton, Pr Kenny Shelton, Shelley Quinn, Pr Ryan Day and Jill Morikone. Experience the hope and the life-changing power of our ever-loving God.

Not included: Music Hours, Sabbath School Panel and 3ABN Report Sessions.

Set of 9 one hour programs on 9 DVDs in paper sleeves.

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  • What A Time! – John Lomacang
  • The Pure Marks of Truth – Kenny Shelton
  • The Eternal Light of Humility – Shelley Quinn
  • A Bright Light Midnight Delight – Ryan Day
  • Five Minutes to Midnight – John Lomacang
  • Turn Up Your Faith – Jill Morikone
  • Are We God’s Remnant Church? – Danny Shelton
  • What Goes Up, Must Come Down – John Lomacang
  • Marked for Death or Sealed for Life. – John Lomacang

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Danny Shelton, Jill Morikone, John Lomacang, Kenny Shelton, Ryan Day, Shelley Quinn


NTSC Widescreen (DVD)

Running Time

9 hours


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