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3ABN Today Live: What Makes Us Unique

Join us as we discuss the uniqueness & relevance of our message on 3ABN and as Seventh-day Adventists. Why is what we share so important for the world at this point in earth’s history?

3ABN Today Live: Total Member Involvement

Join 3ABN president and CEO, Danny Shelton, and 3ABN World Evangelism director, Pastor John Lomacang, as they speak with Seventh-day Adventist World Church president, Elder Ted N. C. Wilson. Total Member Involvement will be the subject of this special broadcast.

3ABN Today Live: Music Special

Join Joe Pearles and Dona Kline as they join Kenneth Cox, for an hour-long musical and story-telling special. Let your heart be warmed listening to this program.

3ABN Today Live – The Vaccine, The Beast, and The Mark

Is the COVID-19 vaccine the Mark of the Beast? Will it bring about the events described in Revelation? Questions like these spark fear in the hearts of many around the world and they are refusing to take the vaccine for fear of receiving the Mark of the Beast and being lost. In this study, Ryan Day and Shelley Quinn identify the first beast of Revelation 13 using the Bible as their guide. Learn what the mark of the Beast really is, along with the central issue surrounding this mysterious topic. Together, we will find hope in our Saviour, Jesus Christ and His plan for us in these closing moments of earth’s history.

3ABN Today Live – Sabbath School Alive!

What can we do to reinvigorate Sabbath School? How are Sabbath School and Mission tied together? Discover how to make Sabbath School come alive on 3ABN Today Live, hosted by JD and Shelley Quinn, with special guest, Kameron DeVasher.

3ABN Today Live – Battle of the Mind

Join John Lomacang, Shelley Quinn, John Dinzey, Ryan Day as they discuss the topic of “Battle of the Mind”.

3ABN Today Live – Battle for the Mind

The most fertile battlefield is the mind. How can we mount a successful defence against the enemy’s desire to victimise us on our own territory? Tune in for the answers!