We have been alerted to freezing issues with Strong branded receivers while watching 3ABN International on the new frequency, where other channels are not affected. This is a firmware issue on those receivers and appears to be widespread across many different models of Strong receivers, including brand new units. Other brands do not have this problem.

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us on (02) 4973 3456.

Also, we would urge you to contact Strong Australia to tell them that you are having this issue so that they become aware of how widespread it is and how much it is affecting 3ABN viewership. Their contact email address is [email protected], or call on 1800 820 030 (email would be preferable so that it is in writing). Please tell them the model number and the exact problem you are experiencing.

We apologise for the inconvience this causes you as our valued viewers, but it is beyond our control. It is not due to our change of frequency, but a software issue from Strong.


Strong Australia have released a software update for the SRT-4300(E) and SRT-4304 model receivers that specifically address this issue. You may download it from their website at http://strong.com.au/Software.html(external). Scroll down to the section entitled Satellite Receivers, and click the download link for the particular model you have. Please follow the instructions next to the download link to install the update.

We would ask that if you know anyone else who has the issue to let them know that there is an update, and if they do not have Internet access, please download and install the update for them. Thank you.