UPDATE (20/02/2024)

Praise God for a double blessing! Our services on Intelsat-19 have been restored, and they’re on the same transponder as before, so there will be no need to retune.

Thank you for your prayers during this time. God has answered in the affirmative.

Original Post (This information is now out of date)

We regret to inform those who use Intelsat-19 to downlink 3ABN services (including radio affiliates) that the transponder we are on (12606H) has been shut down due to a power anomaly affecting the satellite’s solar array. This is an indefinite shutdown that happened at 3 am AEDT this morning. It is regarded as an “unforeseen challenge” by the satellite provider. This is beyond our control and we had no prior warning.

This will require a change in the transponder and thus a retune of the set-top box once they inform us of which transponder they will migrate us to. We do not have any further information at this time.

We apologise for this circumstance.

Please note: this does not affect viewers on the VAST platform.