We are excited to announce that a new health series entitled “Your Lifestyle As Medicine”, hosted by Kaysie Vokurka, will start airing 11th March 2024 on 3ABN International.

Your Lifestyle As Medicine focuses on what you can do in everyday life to help you enjoy optimal health. This series aims to have something for everyone, regardless of age or stage of life.

Each half-hour episode explores principles and practises that are powerful for promoting health, and also for preventing and alleviating illness. An array of health professionals will be featured. The episode topics will cover an assortment of lifestyle aspects across key areas of lifestyle medicine, including but not limited to:

  • Emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Nature therapy
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Social wellbeing
  • and more!

Air times on 3ABN International are Mondays at 7 pm, Thursdays at 9 am, and Fridays at 2:30 am AEST (UTC+10). Please adjust for your timezone.

Be sure to tune in to this new series! If you miss an episode, you can catch-up on the Your Lifestyle As Medicine page on this website.