3ABN Australia has produced a new series entitled Evolution Impossible. Hosted by Dr Sven Östring with Dr John Ashton, the series follows the book by the same name authored by Dr Ashton. Each episode features lively discussions with a panel of young people from different backgrounds and explores the truth about the origins of life.

Topics are:

  1. But Isn’t Evolution a Fact?
  2. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
  3. The Living Cell
  4. Random Mutations
  5. The Fossil Record
  6. Missing Fossils of Evolutionary Intermediates
  7. Geological Evidence for a Catastrophic Global Flood
  8. Historical Evidence for a Worldwide Flood
  9. Erosion & Sedimentation vs. Radiometric Dating Ages
  10. Major Problems with Radiometric Dating
  11. The Big-Bang Theory
  12. Highly Qualified Scientists Reject Darwin’s Theory
  13. Evidence for the Existence of an Intervening God

3ABN International Network

Evolution Impossible TV Airing times are Monday 6pm, Wednesday 3:30am, and Thursday 9am AEST

Catch-up Episodes will be listed on the Evolution Impossible website after the Thursday time slot.

3ABN Australia Radio (3ABN Radio Network)

3ABN Australia Radio will be airing Evolution Impossible Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 7am, Thursday 9pm, and Friday 10am AEST

Note: All times Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10). Please convert for your time zone (WA – 2 hr, NT, – 30 mins, SA + 30 mins, NSW/Vic/Tas + 1 hr, NZ + 3 hr).