In February 2021 3ABN Australia released a new series by Dr Allan Lindsay entitled “God’s Last Message to the World.” This 8-part series focuses on the certainty of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation. These prophecies clearly show where we are in the stream of time, and the nearness of Christ’s Second Coming. Dr Lindsay distinctly and simply explains how these prophecies have predicted—with pinpoint accuracy—the rise and fall of the four world empires, the first advent of Christ, His baptism, and His death. Dr Lindsay explains how the Bible also predicted the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church, and its impact on the world both at that time, and in the future.

This series has been a huge success. Since its airing in February 2021, over 1,300 people have viewed the series on 3ABN Australia’s website, and more than 500 people have listened to the programs on 3ABN Australia Radio’s audio-on-demand system. This doesn’t include the thousands who have watched the series on 3ABN International, VAST, 3ABN or listened through 3ABN Australia Radio (we receive no statistics for any of these). We have sold over 65 DVD sets of the series: more than any other series in the past.

The feedback we are receiving from viewers has been extremely positive. People are saying that Dr Lindsay carefully and clearly explains each point, making it easy to understand the Bible prophecies. They are also grateful for the graphics which help to give a clear visual picture of the prophetic events timeline.

The series has been on air now for four months. In the months of June to August we will be airing Pr Danny Milenkov’s new series “Noah: Another Storm is Coming” in the same slot. But Dr Lindsay’s series will still be still available on demand on 3ABN Plus, and DVDs of the series will be available from our online store. You can also listen to the series on 3ABN Australia Radio (see schedule) and on the Podcasts (Apple | Google).

God’s Last Message to the World will be back on 3ABN International and VAST on August 20th.

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