Satellite Equipment Installers and Suppliers

IMPORTANT! 3ABN Australia Inc only recommends satellite equipment that meets the EMC Standard for electromagnetic interference which is a legal requirement for all electronic equipment manufactured, imported and sold in Australia or New Zealand. To show compliance the equipment must display an ACMA “RCM” (Regulatory Compliance Mark) with a manufacturer or importers’ “N” number.
Disclaimer: None of the people listed below are employed by 3ABN in any capacity. This list is only provided as a guide. 3ABN Australia does not accept any responsibility or liability for any problems, damages, out of pocket expenses, or any other issue that may arise from contacting any person listed below. If you have any problems with a person who installs your equipment please contact them directly, not 3ABN Australia.


Australia and New Zealand

Please note: FaithStream and Instal-Life offer satellite installations in Australia only. IPTV is available in both countries.



Intelsat-19 VAST IPTV
Marko Vrančić
No monthly commitments – own your equipment
Phone: (07) 3917 7271
E-mail: [email protected]



100% Profits fund missions work
Affordable monthly plans
Phone: 1300 54 33 88 (Australia), 0800 54 33 88 (NZ)
Web: |

Western Australia

Alpha Satellite Systems

Intelsat-19 VAST
Dale Shannon — Perth
Mobile: 0408 654 254
E-mail: [email protected]

Roglen Satellite Systems

Intelsat-19 VAST
Bob Harders — Statewide
Phone: (08) 9751 2278
Mobile: 0418 904 010
E-mail: [email protected]

New South Wales

Comms Engineering

Intelsat-19 VAST
Marko Jakovac — Greater Sydney
Phone: (02) 9605 5072 / 1300 268 362
E-mail: [email protected]

New Zealand

Auckland Aerials & Satellite

Robert Ihle
Phone: (09) 630 0595 or (09) 449 0595
Mobile: 0274 541 214

Equipment Suppliers

Please note: The suppliers listed below can provide equipment for Intelsat-19 and VAST only.

New South Wales

David Fisher

Phone: (02) 4977 1972


Melbourne Satellites

Phone: (03) 9738 0888