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3ABN Now: The Gift of Writing

William Ackland is an ordinary person who spent is life working as an Accountant. But, in retirement, he has found a whole new life doing something he had never considered before, and for which he had no time during his working life. Find out what he is doing and how it may be of help to you.

Available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download.

People Just Like Us: The Best King in the World

In the Bible we read of many bad kings. Some were even terribly evil. Others followed God for a while, but later turned to idols and forsook God. But, thankfully, some were truly good and followed God all their lives. Of one in particular it was written that he trusted in the Lord God and was better than all the kings before him and those after him. Today we will find out more about this king.

3ABN Now: Volunteer Mission Service

Have you every thought of being a missionary and having an opportunity to help people in another land? Bradley Aitken decided to step out of his comfort zone and do something totally unexpected with his life. Hear his story of becoming a voluntary missionary by teaching English in Spain.

3ABN Now: Service – A Family Tradition

Service runs in the blood of 92 year old Frank Cherry. He shares with us stories of his grandfather and father, as well as his own life, as they served God in Australia, PNG and the Solomon Islands. Hear stories about Mona Mona Mission, the boat that wouldn’t burn and the truck he drove to Queensland.

Available as DVD or HD/SD Video Download.

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