Satellite Coverage

3ABN Television and Radio may be received world-wide via satellite, as shown on the map below. Each coloured region represents a satellite coverage area.

Satellite Coverage Map
    G-19: North and Central America
    G-23: North America
    Dish Network: United States
    IS-21: Americas, Europe
    IS-20 (Ku band): Europe, Central and Southern Africa
    IS-20 (C band): Africa, Asia, Middle East, South Pacific
    Optus D2: Australia, New Zealand
    Yamal 300K: Former Soviet Union

Australia and New Zealand are covered by the Optus D2 satellite, carrying the 3ABN International channel. 3ABN Radio and 3ABN Australia Radio are also available on this satellite.

Please see our satellite parameters page for more information about where to point a dish and receiver settings to use.

We have a list of equipment suppliers in different areas around Australia and New Zealand.

Other Regions

For information about how to receive 3ABN via satellite in regions other than Australia and New Zealand, please see the satellite parameters page located on the main 3ABN website.