2011 Spring Camp Meeting DVD set

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Time has not lessened the value of our Christian beliefs, and Pillars of Our Faith 2011 is a marvellous opportunity to study them. Be blessed as these anointed speakers dig deeply into the Scriptures for the timeless truths that make up the very foundation of our faith! Presenters include Stephen Bohr, John Bradshaw, C.D. Brooks, John Dinzey, Jim Gilley, Kevin Hart, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray Leslie Pollard, Shelley Quinn, Calvin Rock, Jay Rosario, Kenny Shelton and David Shin.

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DISC 1: All My Praise – Danny Shelton, A Living Sacrifice – Jim Gilley, Wonders Never Cease – Yvonne Lewis, The Church – David Shin

DISC 2: There Is a Fountain – John Lomacang, The Remnant and It’s Mission – C.A. Murray, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – John Lomacang, Does Truth Really Matter? – David Shin

DISC 3: He Will Carry You – Tammy Chance, Helping Churches Experience Revival – Part 1 – Jay Rosario, God Leads His Dear Children – John Lomacang, The Lord’s Our Rock – Stephen Bohr

DISC 4: Amazing Grace – Todd & Lisa Parrish, God Truly Forgives – John Dinzey, He Knows My Name – Melody Firestone, Unity in the Body – Jay Rosario

DISC 5: Just Once More – Yvonne Lewis, Spiritual Gifts and Ministries – John Bradshaw, Is It Any Wonder? – C. A. Murray, Growing in Christ – C. D. Brooks

DISC 6: Jesus Lifts Me – C. A. Murray, Where Is God When It Hurts? – David Shin, There Is a Savior – John Lomacang, Helping Churches Experience Revival – Part 2 – Jay Rosario

DISC 7: Calvary Covers It All – Todd & Lisa Parrish, A People Close to His Heart – Stephen Bohr, Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth – Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, Origins – Kevin Hart

DISC 8: I Tremble – Melody Firestone, The Great Controversy – Leslie Pollard, Musical Variety – Various artists

DISC 9: *Remember the Sabbath – Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, The Sabbath – C. D. Brooks, Pass Me Not – John Lomacang & Tim Parton, Change of the Sabbath – Calvin Rock

DISC 10: Thinking About Home – Tammy Chance, The Experience of Salvation – Shelley Quinn, *Language of Canaan – Yvonne Lewis, The Lord’s Supper – Kenny Shelton

DISC 11: *In the Sanctuary – Ladye Love Smith, Christ’s Ministry in the Sanctuary – Stephen Bohr, *Marvel Not – Reggie Smith, The Second Coming – John Lomacang

DISC 12: *I Have Fixed My Mind – Reggie Smith, The Millennium and the End of Sin – Calvin Rock

*Songs written and arranged by David Huntsinger and Kristin Wilkinson


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Spring Camp Meeting

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